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Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF) - Veronmaksajain Keskusliitto ry

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Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF)

The Taxpayers Association of Finland (TAF) is an organisation for citizens and communities, with 233,000 members. Its membership includes wage earners, pensioners and entrepreneurs. It has 189,000 individual members and 44,000 member companies.

The association provides advice concerning taxation, promotes reasonable taxation and defends citizens’ legal protection in tax matters.

The association operates on the basis of membership fees. The independent association, established in 1947, does not accept public assistance.

The association’s highest decision-making body is the general meeting, which is held once a year. The Chairman of the association and its delegation is Professor Seppo Penttilä, and the Chairman of the Board of Directors is Ms. Kirsti Auranen. The President and CEO of the Taxpayers Association of Finland is Mr. Teemu Lehtinen.

Member benefits

Members can consult the association's tax attorneys in tax matters by telephone Mon-Fri from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m.

One of the association’s publications, Taloustaito, is Finland’s largest finance magazine. TAF members receive it as one of their member benefits. 

Members have access to tax data banks through the online service. They can also purchase the association’s products, such as tax guides, at a member price.

Members are invited to an annual tax event in Helsinki. Local TAF associations all over Finland organise smaller tax events, in which TAF experts provide practical advice on taxes and financial issues to households and entrepreneurs.

TAF services and products are available in Finnish.

Membership fees

The membership fee for individuals is EUR 31 in 2022 and the joining fee is EUR 8. The membership fee for companies is EUR 69–276 depending on the size of the company. The joining fee for companies is EUR 16.

Contact information

Taxpayers Association of Finland
Address: Kalevankatu 4, 00100 Helsinki
Tel: + 358 9 618 871


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